Ok, so I admit…its been a while. Things got busy here on the on the home front over the last several months – baby prepping, nesting, painting, more baby prepping, more painting, more nesting (you get the gist). BUT, its not like I haven’t been shooting – just not fell behind on the developing and scanning part!. SO, with out further ado, and hopefully with some more regular occurrence in the days to come (drum roll sounds) Roll 36! Don’t everyone get too excited, now. No we don’t celebrate Christmas in April, these are just that old 🙂


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2 Responses to “400 Foot Project: Roll 36”

  1. mewanchuk

    Wow–that is behind.

    For me it’s #2, 14, and 15–excellent work!

    (BTW…from a fellow Brutha: It takes a special sort of moxie to shoot a family event with only B&W film, and a fully manual camera with no meter).

    Sending you a “fist bump” from up north.



    • jkjod

      Thanks Mark, and yes I know WAY behind. My developer/scanner doesn’t have as good of turn around as yours! I’ll admit I had the VCII on the shoe. But I usually just take one reading from the shadows and start shooting. Kind of fun that way!


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