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Just incase you haven’t noticed, I usually pick my favorite from the roll and it gets posted here and on the front page.  I just couldn’t decide for this one, so you are getting a double dose before you go visit the whole set 🙂

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50mm and 35mm are so close in focal length that you often hear the “one step back, one step forward” business discussing the similarities.  I guess its just me, but the differences seem pretty apparent.  Depth of field, field compression, the amount of distortion at close range…I still think I prefer 35 just because when I bring the camera up to my eye it fits pretty much what I see, but there are for sure things a 50 can do that a 35 can’t (and vice versa for that matter).




3 Responses to “400 Foot Project: Roll 34”

  1. mewanchuk


    I think this might be–and I don’t say this lightly, because there are some great ones–my favorite roll from you. Some excellent moody and atmospheric work here, with some fresh perspectives from you.
    What lens was used?

    Anyway, this is certainly one to be proud of in the evolution of your project.

    All the best,

      • jkjod

        Thanks Mark, I appreciate the comments! I think you are right, the change to a 50 for a spell changed things up for sure (in a good way). The Voigt 50/1.1 is a rental, we will see what happens with it…Almost everything was shot wide open at 1.1 – I’ll give some thought on it with roll 35.

        And I agree, one of my favorite rolls as well.

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