AKA Thanksgiving Part 1.  Roll 33 tomorrow – I should have my M2 back this week (hopefully in the next day actually).


On another note the house is now digital-less.  I had made a promise to Mrs. J that we will find something she enjoys using, so the next camera in the house will be all hers (thinking E-M5 mk II at this point).  Speaking of digital – one of the local camera shops has a used M240 for sale.  I hadn’t ever actually picked up a digital Leica before…with all the interwebs saying how “huge” it was I was expecting it to be a lot different than the film versions.  It wasn’t that much different and I truly think it would be the GAS ender for me.  Well, enough rambling…help yourself to the rest of the set.

View project


4 Responses to “400 Foot Project: Roll 32”

  1. mewanchuk


    A nice festive roll.

    What happened to the Sony RX1?

    As an aside, the EM5 MkII is a lot of fun to use, and the IBIS is just fantastic. You can even adapt your M-mount lenses when you (temporarily) borrow it!


    Now resist the urge on the M240…the colors are a *lot* of work…


  2. jkjod

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the RX1r – I loved that little gizmo. But, Mrs. J has been patiently waiting for something that she enjoys using. A camera all her own if you will. Something a little more “family” friendly 🙂


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