Don’t put cameras on top of coats in the back seat of cars.


The only victim was the viewfinder (granted thats a pretty important victim). No harm was done to the lens or the rest of the camera, as far as I can tell. The brunt of the damage was to a B+W ND filter…thank goodness for brass filter rings. Looks like my M2 will be making a surprise visit to Mr. Youxin Ye.


7 Responses to “Public Service Announcement”

    • jkjod

      Joe – Oh no is right! Duane, it was really my own fault. I thought it was in the seat next to our luggage, but when I yanked my coat out of the car to get gas the camera came out with it…that won’t happen again!

      Mr. Ye has already contacted me and said he thinks he will be able to fix it – and yes, I agree, hopefully before Christmas! Hope all is well Duane!

  1. walker

    Ouch. Same here a couple of years ago. In that occasion I’ve broken my gorgeous 55mm zuiko lens :(. Lesson learnt…
    happy sunday,

    • jkjod

      We were traveling between my parents house and our home for Thanksgiving (a few hundred miles away)…I wish we were going on vacation though! Luckily, Youxin was in fast communication with me and the M2 should be in his hands today. Fingers crossed for good news!


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