Switching things up here folks…this is Double X in Microphen rated at EI 800.  Now, I’ve rated the Double-X at EI 800 before, even made prints from those negatives and was extremely happy with them.  BUT, I think the Microphen does a better job – in fact I think it does a fantastic job.  These are much more usable than the previous rolls.  I will be printing a couple of these hopefully soon and we will see how they do in the darkroom comparatively.  This just may work out just in time for fall and winter 🙂

I was a little behind on scanning – some of these are from baseball season (which seems like forever ago).  Any who, roll 31 tomorrow…


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2 Responses to “400 Foot Project: Roll 30”

  1. mewanchuk

    DUDE!! These turned out GREAT!! I am loving on the Microphen…

    On another note, you are quite lucky the missus still smiles at you when you point the camera at her…Mine just mostly scowls.


    Keep up the great work!


  2. jkjod

    Thanks Mark! I was actually pretty surprised how well they did turn out – not nearly as contrasty as I had figured they would be, and the grain is totally manageable. I had gotten some advice on the developing time and they were spot on I’d say.

    A side note on your side note – believe me I have plenty of the scowling pictures too (its amazing, she’s even cute when she scowls!!), but I will agree I am a pretty lucky guy 🙂


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