So I’m contradicting myself here, I know (see this, and this, and this).  But I had some Portra, and I felt like shaking some things up.  Mrs. J was in yet another wedding – she is very popular it seems, but who can blame them!  So I tagged along and tried not to get in the way of the professionals – I didn’t want to be an Uncle Bob with the camera.  The wedding was at the Fox Theater, which has TONS of history.  As you can see, just about anyone who has ever been there signs the walls.  It was pretty fun to wander around backstage and find famous signatures.  The Fox is 7 floors, and the signatures and murals from shows are in every stair well – so this is just a splattering of what lies on the walls.  The RX1r was not back from its spa treatment, so I had the M2 loaded with Portra 400.  Some of the lighting conditions were awful, I did my best with the conversions.  Here are the results…







Typically when others ask to take a picture with the M2, and they have never touched a rangefinder before, the results don’t fair to well.  But in this instance, after a quick lesson and me setting the shutter and aperture, I think it turned out pretty well.  Maybe it was because he was a mechanical engineer.


By far and away my favorite from the day – love the “3D ness” and of course the classic Portra colors…and Mrs. J doesn’t take too many bad photos in my humble opinion.







So there ya have it, a wedding in color…on film!  Don’t say I never try anything new (or is it old??)


5 Responses to “Another Wedding in Mono…wait color??”

  1. mewanchuk

    I VERY much like these Jordan…Killer set!

    (After the first few, I was starting to wonder if there _would_ be wedding photos, but you recovered nicely…)


    I find these sorts of settings kind of enjoyable–you can set your aperture to f/1.something, and your shutter speed to 1/60s, and you pretty much “get what you get!!”

    A fine testament to the resilience of film.


  2. jkjod

    Thanks gents! I actually have about 6 (?!?) rolls of color film in the freezer along side the stash of the Double-X…maybe someday I’ll start developing it myself. I think I know someone who could run me through the basics…

    • jkjod

      Thanks Walker! Recently I had almost an entire HP5 120 roll lost to light leaks (the back was stuck on and I was trying to get it off). I feel your pain :/


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