Had a lovely walk with Mrs. J yesterday afternoon.  It has been a while since we have been able to go for a hike.  Even as short as this one was it was still nice to get out and about.  I think we missed the best fall trees by a few days,  but it was still an extremely nice fall day none the less.  I’m behind in developing (4 rolls waiting) and I hope to get that done this week, so hopefully more updates to follow.  We have been have some technical difficulties around here camera wise.  The RX1r went for a “spa” treatment to get some dust cleaned off the sensor (how a fixed lens camera gets dust is beyond me).  One of my backs for the Bronica won’t come off the camera, and to make matters worse a strap broke yesterday on our hike and it took a tumble.  I don’t think there were any ill effects, its sort of built like a tank, but probably won’t be using that strap anymore.  The M2 just keeps on going though…









2 Responses to “Sunday Stroll”

    • jkjod

      Thanks Mark! The Bronica falling from about 3 feet didn’t make me too happy. The back not coming off has made me want to throw it for sure, but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind…


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