Now that I’m famous because of my friend Mark, I thought I’d post Roll 27…who knows maybe things will get crazy and I’ll do a double post today.  Basically, anything is possible now 🙂


By the way, by famous I mean that instead of only Mrs J visiting my page, I had 53 (that’s right, double digits my friends) whole views as of this morning.  That’s over 15X more than a normal “not linked to by a famous Canadian blogger” day, so thank you Mark for the exposure.  If you don’t already, please visit Mark’s site and check out his photography as well.

Looking back through these, I think it is time to replenish my D-76…some of the highlights are starting to get a little fried from the developer.  I’m already using the D-76 longer than I probably should, but I think it’s time to make a trip to the camera shop for some new supplies.

As for the rest of the set, you know the drill…check them out with the link below.

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