After an incredible vacation, its time to get back to the real world.  Mrs. J and I were in Slovenia over the past couple of weeks (with a short 2 day side trip into Croatia).  For those that don’t know, Slovenia is just East of Italy over the Adriatic and just south of Austria.  It was part of the former Yugoslavia, and boy is it a beautiful country.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.14.16 PM

Here is a map of the general idea of the trip.  That upper loop was all part of the Vrisic Pass and was in one day…that is a whole other story for another post.

As I already said, Slovenia is an absolutely beautiful country.  The color of the water in the lakes and rivers is out of this world.  It’s a turquoise color and incredibly clear, it really does not look real.  I can’t really even describe it, its best to just look for some images online (Soca River, Tolmin Gorge to give you an idea) or better yet to see it in person.

I took the M2 and the RX1r along for the ride.  As with our previous vacation, Mrs. J was in charge of the digital camera (although I did use it for some morning walks) and I did the editing.  With all her quibbles about the RX1r, she managed to a lot of keepers and one of our favorite images from the entire trip (I can’t tell you how many times she went on about wanting something with a zoom lens, we really need to get her her own camera some day).  I have 6 rolls of film to develop and scan…a mixture of the Double X and Acros 100.

We returned home to a sick puppy, so I haven’t had the time to develop and scan all the film yet.  All in all, a fantastic trip – it was very cloudy and rained almost the entire time we were up in the Julian Alps, and although this was kind of a bummer it did lend itself to getting some very dramatic landscapes with the cloud formations.  I’m not complaining though, a couple of weeks in a beautiful country with my best friend was more than I could of ever asked for.  I’ll leave you with this image (a 4 picture stitched pano, but expect a ton more over the next days and weeks.  Also look out for multiple rolls of film updates to the 400 Foot Project.