Roll 22…About half this roll was with the ZM 21/2.8 Biogon.  This lens is so dang contrasty it needs about an extra stop compared to the single coated 50 Summitar and Voigt 35.  Not a bad thing, I just forget sometimes. Also, when I was developing these I must of been thinking of something else – I just went ahead and dumped in the developer before taking the temperature. I had to resort to sticking the thermometer down the funnel in the tank and take a reading while I was developing and adjusted on the fly. I’m wondering if the developing time and temperature made them more contrasty as well. I know, I know…rookie mistake!

On a more important side note, two years ago today I got to marry my best friend in this crazy thing we call life.  Truly my better half, my confidant, my traveling buddy, my dance partner, and my best friend.  Thanks for just being you, babe!


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