So…the story on the 50 Summitar.  My friend Mark, the proprietor of the site, very generously sent me this little gem in the mail last week as a surprise.  I was completely taken aback by his generosity – so Mark, again, thank you SO much.  I will for sure put this little guy to good use.  For those that don’t know the Leica Summitar was in production from the late 30s to the early 50s.  It was the precursor to the 50 Summicron, a now legendary Leica lens.  The Summitar is a little collapsible, chrome beauty that is low contrast (which I’m finding I prefer for B&W film), sharp enough, and has gobs of character.  I think it matches the Double-X quite nicely.

Roll 21 is all Summitar goodness and all from the wedding weekend.  The plan was to get a few shots to print in our darkroom for the bride and groom as wedding presents.  I think more than a couple will end up printing quite nicely, and it will be an excuse to make some prints and get in the darkroom!  Enjoy the rest of the roll by following the link below.


If you haven’t already, please take a couple of minutes to visit Mark’s site – this long term project was influenced by his 50 roll project.  His project (and his entire site really) is filled with amazing photos and lots of filmy goodness.  He has an amazing eye for catching those little moments in life you want to hang onto for a little longer.  I know I’ve said this already, but thank you again Mark!

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3 Responses to “400 Foot Project: Roll 21”

  1. mewanchuk


    Fantastic work here–you have certainly done the lens justice!!

    I knew it would be in great hands…it is well-deserved.

    Warmest regards,


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