Over the weekend, my wife was in a wedding of one of her very good friends.  As I have said in the past, black and white photos and weddings (in my mind) just go hand in hand.  It was supposed to rain all weekend, but luckily the weather ended up cooperating and it seemed everything pretty much went off with out any glitches (or is it hitches?? or maybe both, everything went great is what I’m getting at here).  Of course, as usual, my wife looked as beautiful as ever – I can’t believe its been almost two years since we got married.  We spent the drive home reminiscing about our own wedding and how much fun it was.  I can honestly say I would not change a single thing about our own wedding day.  I just wish we could go back and do it all over again!  So, here is the first series from the weekend – I’ll be posting more throughout the week instead of just dumping every photo today.





Also, roll 20 and 21 are developed and need to be scanned.  So look for those in the next few days as well.

And of course, on this Memorial Day, I would just like to thank everyone who has ever served or who has a family member that has served in the military.  This is a pretty darn amazing country we live in, and without those people who have served for this country, we wouldn’t have many of the freedoms we take for granted.  So, if you see a service member, or a former service member today – be sure to shake their hand, ask them their names, and tell them thank you.




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