Ok, so it was a little longer than I thought for these…


I know my wife doesn’t like it when I get all photo geeky, but I guess this is sort of a way to think out loud for me when I’m posting pictures.  So here it goes, I promise it will only be a couple of sentences babe, so power through it or skip it 🙂

1)  The ZM 35 C Biogon with EI 400 film outdoors is too contrasty.  So much for that “revelation” I had last week about shooting at 400…For indoors, 400 works great, but outside its almost over the top.

2)  I’m curious what the reciprocity factor of the Eastman 5222 is.  As a cinema film, I’m almost positive its always shot at the same shutter speed so they probably don’t ever bother.

There was lots of experimenting with this roll, and not everything was very good.  Probably my least favorite roll so far.  But hey, not every roll can have all keepers!  Plus, we have big trip planned later in the year and I wanted to try some stuff with the Eastman 5222 before we go.  I want to be 100% sure how this film will react in different situations – so I guess I’d rather have the mess ups and not so great shots on this roll as compared to when we are on vacation.

I’m hoping to do another day of wet printing very soon, when that happens I’ll be sure to update on how that is going.  Also, hopefully soon, I need to get all the darkroom stuff out of our basement bathroom and into my new and approved darkroom area.

On another note, there is apparently a few other photography sites that have the name “Through the Viewfinder” so I’m trying to come up with a new name. My first thought was Carpe Lucem (Seize the Light), kind of like Carpe Diem (Seize the Day). I thought I was pretty clever with that one, only come to find out somebody was just as clever as me, and faster at making a website. So, the search continues!

(I’m not sure if those two paragraphs count as photo geeky stuff, so I apologize in advance if they do sweetheart)

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