Over the weekend I went on a couple of different hikes – Apparently its time for a sensor cleaning! I also went through almost an entire roll of Double-X, so look for those later in the week.










I do enjoy taking pictures of scenery and nature – it is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. When we were in Yosemite last year it was hard NOT to take a good picture. Back in the Show Me State it takes a little more care. None the less, it is fun to try and find spots that will translate to good pictures, even if I’m not always that good at it. I also watched a movie over the weekend called Mile…Mile and a Half about a few cinematographers, a photographer, and a sound engineer that all hiked the John Muir Trail. I thought it was neat just for the fact that someday I hope to do the JMT. They each had about 20-30 pounds of extra gear in their packs just from all the production stuff that was needed. I don’t think my M2 and film would weigh that much…although who knows how many rolls of film would be needed.