Where is roll 15 you ask?  (Or maybe you aren’t – its not like traffic to this place is blowing the socks off the internet or anything 🙂 )


When I was rolling the film from the big 400 foot roll into cassettes I made about 10 rolls with 10 frames each on them.  The intent was to make them test rolls, apparently I forgot to mark them.  Roll 15 was the re-discovery of one of these rolls.  When it came time to develop, I had this great idea that I would just put the 10 frames from roll 15 and the normal 36ish frame roll 16 on the same reel while developing to save on chemistry.  Lets just say that didn’t work very well.  Everything got onto the reel no problem, but when I pulled the negatives out from the tank the small, 10 frame roll had giant scratches across the entire strip.  Luckily roll 16 was perfectly fine.

Thoughts after rolls 15 and 16:

1. I’m getting much better negatives shooting at EI 400 than I was at EI 250. Maybe this has to do with part of the development process…I really have no idea.  Oh well, shooting at 400 is more flexible anyway. Win, win I suppose!

2. The Zeiss ZM 35 C Biogon is ferociously sharp.  It looks completely different than the Voigt 35/1.4 SC. Which, it’s supposed to I get that – The ZM is a modern/contrasty lens, while the Voigt pays homage to the first versions of the Leica 35 Summilux.  I like both really – one modern, one classic…and it is not as if the Voigt is un-sharp.  Prints have been more than acceptable in 8X10 enlargements, sharpness wise. Both have lots of character though, which is great.  Even better, both are extremely small and take the same filters and hood.

3. I think the 35mm fits my eye more than the 50mm – when I bring the camera to my eye it fits more naturally with what a 35mm shows compared to a 50mm.  I like being closer, I feel more a part of the scene instead of standing back and capturing a scene.

4. Label the rolls of film you bulk load yourself – yeah, whoopsy.

5. Bring extra film – you never know when your loaded film will only have 10 shots (see #3)

As always, check out the rest of the set below.

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