Well, after almost a year I finally have a a way of “scanning” my 120 film.  The a7 and a vintage 55 Micro Nikkor did the trick nicely. By the way, that 120 film is a bugger to get onto the developing reels.  I’m extremely pleased with the results overall, zooming in to over 100% on the Flickr photos just how well this technique can work…and how much detail is in the 120 negatives. I may have to try this with the 135 negatives as well, after everything was focused and aligned the process went fairly quickly. Maybe I’ll do a side by side comparison with the Plustek to see if I can tell any differences.

These first two are HP5+ shot at 1600ish and developed at 400. I totally forgot that I shot these at 1600, and a few on that roll were lost. What is impressive is that there is anything left at all, that is over 2 stops and you still get a useable negative. Film is awesome.


DSC01298 - DSC01299-2.jpg

The next two are TMAX 100. I’d like to maybe try some FP4+ in 120, I’m not as big of a fan of the “newer” tabular grained films like T-MAX, Delta, and Acros. I can see its advantages for landscapes though – it almost has zero grain in 120.





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