Some time ago, a very popular photography blogger on the interwebs posed a question on whether we, as photographers, went and looked back at any of our old images. Surprisingly, the author said that he rarely made it a point to go back and look at his old work.  Perhaps the biggest reason I love photography is the ability to freeze time and have the ability to go back and look at it in the future. To see facial expressions, places, friends, family, emotions, etc, from the past allows me to go back and experience those moments again. I have no idea if he is a professional photographer (I am assuming that he is), but I can maybe see how if all you do all day, everyday, is take pictures that sometimes it may get a bit old to go back and look at your old work.  The process was all together more important than the outcome it seemed.  I have always thought it would be pretty neat to take pictures for a living, but honestly if it meant that I wouldn’t enjoy looking back at old images any longer, I’ll stick with my current day job.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the mechanics and feel of my Leica.  The workmanship of a 50 year old Leica is crazy.  The act of shooting with the M2, or just a rangefinder in general, is more enjoyable than just about anything else photography wise.  But, the whole point for me is to freeze a moment in time.  I enjoy the process for sure, but the outcome and memories are more important.  So, without further ado, with less rambling, and in no particular order…here are some of my favorites from 2014.  I tried to pick 10, I couldn’t do it.  None of them are technically perfect, a few are slightly out of focus, but all of them remind of something from the past year that put a smile on my face.  And in the end, isn’t that the point?



























5 Responses to “Year in Review”

  1. Jason Gold

    Really great moments! Yes some are imperfect, others mean nothing to me but you captured such slices of life and vivid expressions.
    I love my SLR and P/S digital but only my Leica-M Film/Analog, captures similar because it is so fast, in response.
    Your tonal scales and often grainless are superb.

    • jkjod

      Thanks Jason! I agree, if I could only own one camera it would for sure be my Leica and a freezer full of film!


    Very emotive images… congratulations. Great work.

    By the way, I know there is a good chance that you may have been referring to me in your introduction. If I’m wrong, my apologies. If I’m right, I’ll tell you why I rarely go back and look at my old images: I get melancholic.

    The passage of time, the moments that are left behind forever, and seeing loved ones who have since passed away make me sad.


    • jkjod

      Hi Peter, I was referring to your post. And by no means was I trying to be rude or disrespectful, so if it came across that way I’m truly sorry. I was just reflecting “out loud,” I do realize that is difficult through this particular medium. I completely understand how looking back can make one melancholic. Time will pass, one of the facts of life…but the images you share with us through your blog, and I assume that hang on your walls, will live on and on for your family to look back upon. That is pretty cool if you ask me! I wasn’t trying to criticize, I was just trying to figure out what that would mean for me if I couldn’t look back on any pictures I ever took again.


        Of course, I totally understand. I didn’t take your comments to be rude or disrespectful in any way. I did however wanted to share with you the reasons behind my aversion to seeing my old images. And yes, I do hope that in future years my family will continue to derive enjoyment from looking at them.

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