I’ve pushed film before and have never had any really solid results – for one, its always super grainy and extremely contrasty.  Also, I only use D-76 for developing…I know, I know there are developers out there made for pushing film.  Color me lazy, I guess.  D-76 is just readily available, I can get some at my local store and be back home in about 15 minites round trip.  It is also really easy to mix up and is kind of known as one of the classic black and white developers.  I rated this film around 1600.  I say around because I don’t have a meter, so most of my exposures are by Sunny 16 or guessing.

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much.  This film is supposed to be shot at 250, so 1600 is close to a 3 stop push.  To make matters worse, I couldn’t find any information in the massive dev chart or online anywhere.  So I was kind of guessing…I saw suggestions of anything form 1.5-4.5X the normal development time as general rule of the internet’s thumbs.  Then I saw someone suggest a square root of 2 factor for each stop and for some reason this made the most sense to me.  I was super pleased with the results.  Still pretty contrasty, but manageable for sure and better yet the grain was perfectly acceptable.  Seems that the Double-X is very forgiving.  Nice to know that for the future…

Also, the first three pictures from this role are actually with the 35 Summicron V1.  The ol’ 8 element version with goggles…I have never shot the 35mm focal length before, I really liked it, was super excited about the lens too.  The prism in the goggles was all sorts of mis aligned so I returned it.  Kind of a bummer…makes me want to see if I can get my hands on a M2 someday for sure.


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