I never said this was going be a fast endeavor…

The ZM 50 1.5 is now gone, and it was a good run. Some of the shots in roll two were still with the ZM. When you nail the focus, the Sonnar gives a look that I will probably miss at times.  I was sure getting tired of the focus shift issues at close focus, it was something I had learned to deal with but just did not want to fuss with any longer.  Whats the new lens you say (as if anybody is really “saying” anything here anyway, haha)?  Why its the Voigtlander VM 50 1.5!  I have the chrome finish version, and I must say it looks very handsome on the M3.

Roll three has a few from the infamous Booches in Columbia, MO.  Where the service is poor and only cash is accepted.  There are no reservations and more than likely they will run out of hamburger meat by 10PM.  You want fries with your burger?  Sorry, not here.  How bout a milkshake?  Try again.  Condiments?  You better ask before it gets to the table, otherwise it’s not happening.  But the burgers…seriously, the burgers.  Those little glorious patties of meat served on wax paper and cooked to perfection on a tiny flattop which has been seasoned to perfection over its lifetime.  No plates, no silverware.  Just cold beverages and those blissful hamburgers.  Order more than one, you won’t be sorry.

It was Halloween…what can I say



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