Well, Summer has left us. These are from the Bronica, I really have no way to scan the negatives as of yet so it takes me a while to get them onto the web. If I had a solution I think the Bronica would definitely get more use – those 6×6 negatives are kind of addicting. I can’t even remember the film…maybe HP5+ or FP4+






In other news…The ZM 50 1.5 is now gone. My first and only lens for the M3…but no worries a replacement is on the way. The ZM 50 1.5 is a very unique lens, and the look that it produces is one I really enjoy. The minimum focus distance of 1m and the focus shift issues were starting to get on my nerves a little though. Hopefully the replacement will be here early next week. So, the 400 foot project is on a break for the time being. Hope everyone has a great weekend!