I have wanted to start a long term project after following this 50 roll project for a while now. If you have time, go take a look at it as serves as the inspiration for mine, and more so just because it has some great images.  Recently I got a pretty good deal on 400′ of Eastman 5222 Double X. This is a cinema film – classics like Schindler’s List were filmed with Double X.  So, none the less it has a pretty good reputation. Fair warning, don’t expect anything in that league from here on out.  I don’t claim to be a master of photography by any means (which should be pretty obvious if you visit regularly). I spent a day putting all 400′ into cassettes in a bulk loading bonanza.  All that is left to do now is shoot it…

And so it begins!  You can keep track of all the images on the main page if you prefer, but I will try and give a heads up when it is updated.

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6 Responses to “The 400 Foot Project has Begun”

  1. mewanchuk


    Thanks for the pingback and the flattery!!

    Let me be the first to wish you well on your fantastic project (great name, BTW). How many rolls did you manage out of 400 ft?

    Looking forward t

  2. jkjod

    I got tired of counting…but around 85. I made some rolls with only 10-15 frames incase I wanted to push something up to 800 or above

  3. Mitch Zeissler

    85 rolls! Wow — and you even had enough cassettes for all it!

    Now you’ve got *me* thinking about this. I’ve been getting back into film slowly but surely since last January, and I just placed a big order yesterday with Freestyle Photo for black and white developing gear, chemicals, *and* a 100 foot roll of TMAX 100. But now I’m thinking about this stuff!

    • jkjod

      Well, I had my local lab put aside a bunch of cassettes and taped the edges together. So far it has not caused me any trouble! I was pretty sure that you could contact Kodak directly and purchase the Double X…and when I mentioned this to Mark (who commented above) he did just that and had no problems! Good luck, its good stuff!


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