I mentioned I had a new camera that I having been using lately, but haven’t posted any pictures yet. So, here we go! For our first anniversary my wife got me a Bronica SQ-Ai – she had heard me mention how neat I thought it would be to look down that huge viewfinder. I of course was talking about the legendary Hasselblad 500 series.  All thanks to this guy, who got me thinking about adding it to my wish list of gear. I didn’t think it probably would ever happen, just one of those crazy pipe dreams of mine that my wife so endearingly puts up with.

So, a few days before we left for our trip, my wife handed me a wrapped box and inside was the Bronica. Now, it is not a Hassy – but for multiple reasons I really don’t care. I won’t go into all the technical stuff on the Bronica vs Hassy, you can read endless debates on the interwebs about the two. I will just say that my wife took the time to read all those debates herself, talk to endless people (even contacted Steve Huff over at stevehuffphoto.com), and made a pipe dream of mine come true. The fact that she took the time and energy and picked this out herself is all that matters to me, the name on the camera in the end doesn’t make any difference.











And yes, I lugged that thing all over Yosemite. The trip up to Vernal Falls was not very fun with that on my back in my camera bag (plus the two other cameras we had since it was quite wet up towards the falls, it is called the Mist Trail for good reason). First off, it was so new that if I would’t have that I would of barely used it on the trip. Second, I thought this may be the only time I ever actually WANT to lug it all over someplace like Yosemite. I’m glad I did, it was a lot of fun.


One Response to “6X6”

  1. Mitch Zeissler

    Don’t *even* get me started down the slippery slope of any format larger than 35mm. My back can’t handle the extra weight of a second Leica in my small bag; I’d probably have to do intense physical therapy if I dragged around anything bigger.

    I have a photo buddy who used to labor under an 80 pound pack filled with an 8×10 rig, at least until his knees started giving out…


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