So this is something I don’t get to do at home…This is the $11,000 Leica Noctilux on my M3 at 0.95. Yes, $11,000, you read that correctly. We went into a camera shop while walking around San Fran because I knew they were bound to have gear that I won’t see back home – or ever own for that matter. I was so nervous and giddy at the same time I forgot to even get a picture of it on my M3. Live and learn I suppose.


3 Responses to “Only on Vacation”

  1. Mitch Zeissler

    I gotta say, the 0.95 Noct looks good with film. I’ve owned several of them over the years — including the 0.95 for a brief period — but I think the older versions would work better with digital than the 0.95 does. I use a ‘Lux 50 now and thing it actually has better bokeh and far less CA than the 0.95.

    • jkjod

      My wife hates that picture, I should scan the negative again and try to fix it. If it wasn’t a picture with the Noct, I probably wouldn’t of even posted it! I didn’t have a scanner at the time and probably made 10 different versions trying to get the color correct, it still doesn’t look right to my eye. You’d think the lights in camera stores would be better!

      • Mitch Zeissler

        Dunno why she doesn’t like that shot. Granted, it’s not portrait lighting — but her smile looks natural and she appears engaged with the viewer, so it’s a winner in my book!

        However, since we are both so lucky as to be with our better-halves, I’d try converting it to monochrome, maybe give her the high-key treatment, then drop the contrast and clarity in the area around her face — all of which will make her skin softer and offer less accentuation of her life lines. My wife, too, is really sensitive to what I shoot and post of her, so that’s the trick I use these days. Here’s an example of what I’m referring to:

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