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Here is a quick overview of the giant road trip my wife and I just got back from on our 1 year anniversary trip.  This trip was a long, long time in the making.  This whole trip was done over 10 days, we probably logged a few more miles than advertised above as we drove quite a bit in the three parks.  One day alone in Yosemite we drove over 160 miles to make it to Tuolumne Meadows and Mono Lake.  We had booked just about everything in February and by June we were really excited.

The itinerary was something like this:

  • Fly in to San Fran from St. Louis
  • Drive to Three Rivers, CA and explore Sequoia National Park
  • Drive to Kings Canyon National Park and explore
  • Drive to Yosemite Park (most of the trip spent here)
  • Drive to Napa/Healdsburg
  • Drive along Hwy 1/Explore San Fran
  • Fly Home to St. Louis

It was quite a bit of driving – but we saw a ton.  If you have never been to Yosemite, put it on your bucket list.  The pictures do it no justice and it is every bit as beautiful as everyone who has ever been there has told you it is…they are seriously not over exaggerating.

So here are a few more photos for you to peruse – as I said I have some film coming back from Creve Coeur Camera (my local shop) and will make sure to post those once they come back.  I am kind of anxious about the film, I don’t shoot color film all that often so hopefully at least some of them are not totally awful.  As I said previously, the majority of these were actually taken by my wife and I did the post-processing.







I kept finding myself thinking how awesome it was that I got to go on this amazing trip with my best friend…then to only pinch my self and realize that this just so happens to be my wife as well.  I say this a lot, but it was more apparent during this trip to me, I am one lucky guy.


One Response to “Yosemite Trip 2014”

  1. Jason Gold

    A wife can be your best friend. A friend so special.. Strangely my Ex, still a fabulous friend! My present Lady understands this and my kids, now with their own.
    SF magic. The Coastal Places awesome.


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