Our cat, Mikey, is not feeling all that great…from vet visits and antibiotics and one syringe feeding session it has not been the most exciting couple of days.  As most cats, it is as if his general attitude is that he lets us live with him and not the other way around.  To say the least, he hasn’t been that happy about all of this.  It appears that if he may be getting slightly better and hopefully that means he doesn’t have to go back to the vet today.

basketfeetI’ll try to lighten the mood, as this post was supposed to be all about baseball.  We went to our first Cardinals game of the season last Friday when they played the Pirates.  We sat WAY up there, but honestly there are not very many bad seats at the new Busch Stadium.  Baseball games are really like nothing else in sports – there is not a lot of fanfare, very little “over the air” announcements, etc.  I really hope baseball doesn’t change a lot in the coming years.  It is the one sport, where if it were possible, I feel like I could watch with somebody from 50 years in the past and 50 years in the future and we all would understand what was going on.  Something I’m not sure would be true in other major sports.

14012598156_60026efef7_z Mizzou football games, and college games in general, just have a certain vibe that is not at other sporting events.  Maybe its the band or drunk CoEds.  But, baseball is just different for some reason.  It is truly a timeless game.  14012635306_20aab0dc9a_z On a side note, I got in trouble because my better half is out of focus in the picture of us.  I forgot to adjust the aperture before we handed the camera back a row a for very nice guy to snap a photo of us.  The last really photo has nothing really to do with baseball, we always go to the Broadway Oyster Bar before games for oysters, the muffuletta, and a few cold beverages.  If you are ever in St. Louis for a baseball game, it is just one block south of the stadium – they always have good music, really good food, and local beers.  Definitely worth checking out. 14032546391_121b2f8122_z 14032481112_4f33fbdb98_z14032555741_4644020822_z14036127034_75b2f4220f_z