Well my ranting must of paid off.  It didn’t snow as it was predicted.  I am pretty sure that being a weather man or woman in this part of the country may be one of the tougher jobs around.  Temperatures tend to swing huge amounts in the fall and spring.  Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees, today its 39 and the wind is blowing 25mph.  It makes you wonder if meteorologist love or hate that kind of thing.  Do you think they would rather have the weather constantly changing and more difficult to predict, or be someplace where the weather is pretty much the same all year round?  Who knows, maybe the midwest is to meteorologists as Johns Hopkins is to medical residents.

Anywho, the good weather allowed us to get some much needed yard work done. We have a large pine tree in our front yard and haven’t had to chance to rake at all since we moved in.  Add sticks and leaves to the equation and you end up with the boat load of yard waste you see below.

yard waste