house and home

“Where’d my beer go??”
“Where’d my money go???”

The good people at Schlafly (pronounced Sh-laugh-ly) put out some really good craft beers here in St. Louis.  They also put out some really good food to go with that beer.  But, every once in a while they do some events that are rather special.  This past weekend was the Stout and Oyster festival.  They flew in some crazy amount of oysters from both coasts and purveyors from those regions to shuck them.  It isn’t every day you get really good oysters in the midwest.  The fact that they flew in these shuckers meant we had the same local purveyors that could be found in these oysters natural habitats – both from the west and east coasts.  There were definitely plenty of oysters (and stouts) to go around.


shoeless form Seattle

shuck and drink


shopping cart

how to move several bags of oysters in a crowded restaurant



3 Responses to “Stout and Oyster Festival”

  1. Mitch Zeissler

    You’re killing me.

    We live within an hour of the Chesapeake Bay and the oysters are pretty much gone here. The local fire department used to serve them as a Thanksgiving dinner and they dropped the oysters from the menu back in 2002. Even the oyster festivals right on the Bay have difficulty actually serving oysters.

    Nice pix, though — I can almost taste them!

    • jkjod

      Well I hope for my sake they do this again this year…stouts and oysters, I mean can you really go wrong??? Looking back at some of these photos makes me realize how much better I have gotten at post processing. These were all with the X-Pro1 that has now been replaced by a Sony a7…the viewfinder alone was worth the switch. After a while the optical viewfinder becomes more of a gimmick…

      • Mitch Zeissler

        I hope you have much better success than I with your Sony a7. I received one for Christmas last year and by January 2nd it was dead; the main processor and image chip had both fried. It took over a month for them to repair it and send it back, but I’d lost all confidence in it and them by that time, and replaced it with a different camera.

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