This sandwich is legendary in my family.  My Mom actually doesn’t tell us when she makes it because she is afraid it will be completely gone before it is supposed to be served.


I have even seen my brother Tyler eat them for breakfast.  Cold.  I think one of the reasons we love them so much is that when we were younger they were only made for special occasions.  If there was a big game on, or we were going on vacation, or just somebodies birthday party.  I absolutely love them – I guess I talk them up a little too much and a lot of people just don’t get it.  DSCF2490They are kinda doughy (ok I’ll admit, very doughy) and its not like there are delicacies inside by any means, it is just lunch meat and cheese after all.  My Mom made them this year for Christmas, and I’m not even sure anybody else ate them but myself, Pops, and two brothers.  But, there is just something about them that reminds me of when I ate them as a kid.


the master at work

The memories come back of my Mom baking in the kitchen, of trying to get seconds before my two brothers and Pops ate all of them, and all those special occasions when they were made.  That, in itself, makes them worth the wait.


As I was taking pictures of my Mom making The Sandwich she was trying to tell me how to make it.  The problem is, I don’t think it can be replicated. It is just one of those things that will never be the same unless she is making it, kind of like my grandma’s Thanksgiving dressing, my aunts dinner rolls, or my Mother-in-laws fried chicken.  So, this Christmas I ate a few extra – because you don’t get The Sandwich every day.



life without butter is not worth living


making The Sandwich can be very exhausting